Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance Pretty Much Confirms That Kendrick Lamar Is Better Than You

Anyone who may or may not have happened to see The Grammys — count me as one of them — last night, were privy to Kendrick Lamer in a very special zone. It was basically Kendrick versus Kendrick versus anyone but Kendrick, if we he HAVE to determine a winner.

[protected-iframe id=”7ceab93a20a64b5b053930bbf510e8c7-97886205-98199003″ info=”” width=”601px” height=”387px”]


How can anyone not LOVE this dude? No, really, man. Shoutouts to Snoop Dogg and Nas? Amazing and well-warranted, it serves as a pretty ‘fitty tribute to those whole came before him.

This dudes gets it. Just listen.

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