Kenny G Played Sax On A Delta Flight For A Great Charity Cause, Because Kenny G F*cks

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick a.k.a. Kenny G — man, myth, legend — continues to amaze us with his overall badassness. His silky smooth sax playing is responsible for more babies than D’Angelo and Bill Withers, gracing the world with a certain aura from those curly locks. He totally owns it, too:

You get the point. Kenny G is a Bro god. Kenny G fucks. On Saturday he proved himself again by busting out his sax at 30,000 feet after a Delta flight raised $2,000 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. via TMZ:

The legendary musician was on a Tampa to L.A. flight Saturday when one of the attendants announced they were raising money for Relay For Life. Kenny was all for it, agreeing that if everyone on the plane could raise $2k, he’d go up and down the aisle and play. Sure enough, the goal was hit, and Kenny did his thing.

Given the nightmarish state of airline travel these days, this prompted everyone online to make the same joke:

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