Kevin Dillon Says There’s A Really Good Chance For A Sequel To The ‘Entourage Movie’


But you know what people are already talking about before even getting a glimpse at Vinny Chase and the boys on the big screen? A sequel.

Get the boys in the Lincoln Continental Convertible and crank the Jane’s Addiction: We’re going back to Queens Boulevard! EVERYONE hug it out. Via The Wrap:

On a potential sequel to the film iteration of the Mark Wahlberg-inspired and-produced project, the man behind Johnny “Drama” Chase told us there’s a “really good chance,” supposing the first one does well — which Dillon thinks it will.

“I think it’s a really good movie, from what I’ve seen it looks great,” he commented.

This is tremendous news, of course, for those of us who think Entourage is for guys what Sex In The City is for girls. If Carrie Bradshaw got a bunch of botox injections before a trip to Dubai for a Sex In The City 2, Vinny Chase returning to New York for a serious Broadway show and to do rails of coke with PR girls in the Meatpacking district is gonna be freakin’ epic.

This type of speculation is madness, of course, before a movie is released. But then again, if an Entourage Movie Part II doesn’t happen, what the hell will Kevin Dillon actually do? He has double downed on being Johnny Drama. He now IS Johnny Drama and if the first Entourage movie is the end of the line for the franchise, it’s the end of the line for Mr. Dillon. There is no turning back, career-wise, unless your end game in Hollywood is owning a Cadillac dealership and retiring from the biz.

A couple years ago I saw Kevin Dillon in Vegas. Although the show was off the air for a while, everyone fanboy who walked up to him yelled “victory!” or “Johnny Drama!” No one called him Kevin. I’m sure Jeremy Piven, James Gandolfini, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, etc et al have had similar experiences after the respective roles ended. It’s blessing that can be a curse if you don’t know how to step away.

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Johnny Drama didn’t say that, but it applies here. If you’re Kevin Dillon, you have to milk a good thing for all it is worth, even if it’s just seeding the idea that a sequel will happen.

Johnny Drama is in all of our heads now. And that’s exactly where he wants to be.

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