Kevin Spacey Tells CNN Frank Underwood Would Totally Kill Donald Trump Before The Election


House of Cards

“Trump would never make it to election day; he’d be done, he’d be over.”

I have zero doubt that if Frank Underwood were running in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump would already be dead. Would’ve happened months ago, probably. Night after the first debate or something. Just found up in his Trump Tower penthouse, sitting-up butt-naked on a couch as the closing credits of Spice World on VHS were rolling on his Mitsubishi big screen projection television. Netscape on his Dell desktop in the corner left open on the BroBible homepage. The coroner would rule it death by natural causes, of course. It all adds up.

Little does he know Underwood’s men were in on it. Untraceable poison by way of the Donald’s hair products for sure.

Nice knowing you, Trump. #Underwood2016.

But really, I would vote for Frank Underwood before Donald Trump even with the knowledge on my conscience that he off’d Kate Mara.

[h/t Medialite]