Key And Peele Parodied ‘Undercover Boss’ In Their Latest Sketch And I Legit Cried Real Tears

This is just pure gold. Pure internet gold.

If you’ve never seen Undercover Boss, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CLICK ON THIS POST? Kidding, bro. But for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a show on CBS where high-level corporate execs change their appearance and take low-level jobs within their own companies to find out how things in the trenches really are and get the small fries opinions of the fat cats.

Often times, the low-level employees cut corners and verbally shit on the higher-ups, but after their true identities are revealed, the employees are rewarded various perks such as scholarship funds for their children, vehicles, and promotions, all aimed at increasing their satisfaction on the job.

Key and Peele hilariously depicts that awkward moment when the CEO reveals himself and his employees suddenly revisit every shitty thing they said about him to his face during their time working together. “I can’t make no family anymore cuz my dick got chopped up in that accident.” Brilliant. Per usual.

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