Key & Peele’s Hilarious New Sketch ‘Rap Album Confessions’ Parodies Using Rap Lyrics As Criminal Evidence

Hilarious. Per usual.

If rap lyrics could be used in a court of law, there would be no more rappers. Do they really kill people? Or is it just rhetoric used because it’s provocative, it’s what the people want? Either way, Lil Wayne’s either a murderer or a liar, two things I’m pretty sure the common man would agree are deplorable character traits, but I’ll still drain my bank account to buy tickets to his world tour.

Lyrics from Lil’ Wayne’s track titled ‘Murda’:

Shoot or get shot or a n**** choose for you,
We murdered them.

K, cool. May want to leave that tidbit out of your testimony.

And yo rappers, before I sign off here, I guess I can live with you guys talking about murdering innocent people for looking at you the wrong way, but what’s your fucking obsession with MY girl? Do you hook up with any single girls or do you just wonder around looking to ruin a good thing?

Lyrics from G-Units ‘I Fucked Your Girl’:

lil mama so hood……i fucked yo girl
lil mama so fly…….i fucked yo girl
man tha p*ssy was good..i fucked yo girl
man i aint gone lie…..i fucked yo girl
we was all ova tha bed..i fucked yo girl
man she even gave me head…i fucked yo girl
From Time to time i hate to tell u that yo bitch b mineeee

But, but she said she was just going to your hotel room to watch Netflix and chill. Fuck.

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