Key & Peele Awesomely Made Fun Of Phish Fans On The Show’s Series Finale

Last night on Comedy Central, Key & Peele rode off down a desert highway into a sunset with one last episode of laughs. They’ve done some amazing work over the years, inspiring dozens and dozens of topical comedy sketches that were posted up by websites like — hey-o! — us here at BroBible. We’ll miss them dearly.

On the series finale, Key & Peele rifted about something near and dear to my heart: The Phish from Vermont. Truer words have never been spoken: “When dudes get into Phish, they don’t come back.”

Personally, I’m curious if the bit was a subtle nod to the late, great comedian Harris Wittels, massive Phish fan and writer on Parks And Rec. My boy Larry has some insight on how that could be the case:


If you enjoy the band or know someone who is *really* into Phish (…as you probably do), the stereotypes are spot on. If you’re a fan, you’ll laugh and laugh and fall apart.

80-some shows and counting since Hershey Park Stadium on 9/15/2000, I can attest that Phish can be a maze you’ll never get out of. Really hoping I get a “Weaselface,” “Bubble Trouble,” “Spongehead,” and “Bubblehead” at Madison Square Garden this New Year’s run. I’m way overdue after *only* getting Spongehead right on my Phish-tac-toe card during Day 2 of Magnaball.