Someone Started A Kickstarter To Build Michael’s House From ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Michael De Santa’s house in Grand Theft Auto V is undeniably awesome. We all aspire to live in such a lavish pad, complete with a pool, tennis court, and massive big screens for that perpetual fuck-up Danny Tamberelli Jimmy De Santa to play video games on. It’s the stuff of fantasy, though one obsessed gamer in Ireland wants to make it a reality via Kickstarter.

Here’s Paul Boyle’s plan, via Kickstarter:

The plan is to reconstruct the player Michael’s house from the game Grand Theft Auto 5 to scale. Complete with interior and garden.

I’m looking to raise enough money to plan and construct the famous known house in GTA5. I want to include the interior and exterior of the property as it is projected in the video game. I have chosen the location of Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland.

I think any gamer who has spent many nights in this magnificent property would love to see a full scale copy constructed in real life.

The location of the property is not set and can be easily changed if challenges are faced. I have contacted several companies and professionals in the field of construction and design to ensure this structure is feasible, it is indeed possible to construct, given the right conditions of the surroundings and the availability of funds to carry out construction.

He told our friends at LadBible:

It all started playing the game over christmas with a few drinks, which got me thinking the only way this first person view could be any better is if I actually built the house myself. It certainly takes a large amount of money to get it perfect, but I think if as many fans out there share the dream, a couple of euro here and there, it can actually become a reality. I’d like to see it happen someday regardless of if I met the target.

I find the whole house designed to perfection, the garden itself has to be one of my favourites along with Jimmy’s room and I’d like to recreate the smashed television screen. This is my first project so far, I have a good attention to detail and recreating items, especially something as awesome as this. I have a lot friends and family who are experienced in certain ways that this project could benefit from. One mate in particular who shares the idea, give him a few years and he could well be a real life Trevor.

So far €0.00 has been pledged of his €1,670,000 goal. Also, I assume Paul hasn’t gotten far enough in GTA V to chill in Franklin’s Hollywood Hills home. Now THAT is a sick pad.

[H/T: Ladbible]

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