Kind Of Disappointing That I’ll Never Be As Cool As This Little Kid Getting Lit To Drake And Migos At Coachella

by 2 years ago

It legit took me until 8th grade to move a limb at a school dance. They used to call me Stephen Hawking because I would just sit there motionless and drool. They were mean. So mean. Stairway to Heaven would come on and I’d pretend to enter into a sudden battle with diarrhea before locking myself in a bathroom stall until Jake Stevenson’s hot mom came to pick us up. God those were confusing days. And damn Mrs. Stevenson was fine.

My childhood experience is a far cry from this little kid stealing the show at the world’s most pretentious music event. I don’t know who let this kid into Coachella without a fedora, but goddamn what a show stopper.

You know you’re going places when Odell saddles up next to you.

I’m 29 years old and my father has never looked this proud.


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