Uhh, Kim Kardashian Changed Her Face Again.

This is what Kim Kardashian looks like, right? We’ve seen this place plastered everywhere but foam urinal pads. I could basically Bob Ross her face from memory if given proper devices.  I know this is what she looks like and I’d be willing to wager my vast collection of Beanie Babies that this is, without question, Kris Humphries ex-wife.

Or so I thought.

Check out this picture that was just posted.

Kim just up and changed her face. Like the way god made it. Again. At this point, Kayne’s gotta be thinking he’s bringing a different girl home every other night. I’ve changed a tire for a longer than Kim’s gone with the same face. Kim, if you’re reading this, don’t feel obliged to switch faces again–we put up with you just the way you are. XO.

I can be straight with her because I consider myself family.

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