‘Battle Of The Bastards’ Got The Leeroy Jenkins Treatment — Best Battle Scene In TV History + Best Viral Video Ever

First off, if you haven’t seen this week’s Game of Thrones episode, Battle of the Bastards, there are some serious spoilers in this so you should turn away now. Moving on: for my money ‘Leeeeeroy Jenkins’ is the single greatest viral video ever made. I’m guessing that 99.99999% of you bros are familiar with this video, but for the one person amongst you that’s not familiar with Leroy the basic premise of the video (you can see the original below) is that Leroy and his fellow gamers are playing World of Warcraft and exhaustively preparing for some sort of a raid. Then out of nowhere you hear ‘LEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOYYYYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!!’ before Leeroy storms off into battle by himself, forcing his comrades to come in and rescue him. Which, SPOILER ALERT, wasn’t too dissimilar from this week’s Battle of the Bastards episode of Game of Thrones.

These instances were so similar that someone even spliced the two videos together, creating my new favorite viral video:

Here is the original ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ video btw:

Until this video I had no idea that the one thing missing from my life was a ‘Game of Thrones x Leeroy Jenkins‘ mashup, but I’m glad I can finally rest easy at night. The hits don’t stop there though, someone put together this quick It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mashup and it’s pretty f’n amazing as well:

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(via r/videos)

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