Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Filmed An Homage To Bromances And Will Ferrell Tried To Crash It

by 3 years ago

In the deepest of bromances, like the one shared by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, words are useless. A glance, a furrowing of the bro, the tiniest semblance of a grin is all that’s needed to communicate between bros like Jimmy and Justin, and there’s one man in Hollywood that wants to get in on their love: Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell wishes he could get then Timberlake-Fallon bromance into a threesome, and to be honest I kind of which that dream would become a reality because it might inject some humor back into Willy’s life, and maybe we’d get some

In the latest Fallon-Timberlake sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Will Ferrell makes an appearance to show how envious is is of the Jimmy-Justin-Man-Love. Willy was there trying to get in on their sweet bromance, but he took a moment to realize that the love shared by Jimmy and Justin isn’t something he can disrupt, he needs to find his own bromantical relationship. Thus I’ve laid out a list of men I think Will Ferrell would enjoy a long and fruitful bromance with:

George W. Bush: Just think of the opportunities here, they’d be perfect for each other.

Vladimir Putin: I’m not trying to go with all current and former world leaders, but I think these two would really hit it off. He owns a submarine, and I think that’s something Willy would really be into.

Les Moonves: Lesley is the CEO of CBS, and I think it’s time we saw William Z. Ferrell on our TV sets every night. Les could make this happen.

Leonardo DiCaprio: How f*cking awesome would it be if Willy was a member of the Pussy Posse?

I’m sure I’m missing a sh*tton of names that should be on that list, so hit me up down below in the comments with who you think would make the best fit for a bromance with Will Ferrell!

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