Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Filmed An Homage To Bromances And Will Ferrell Tried To Crash It

In the deepest of bromances, like the one shared by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, words are useless. A glance, a furrowing of the bro, the tiniest semblance of a grin is all that’s needed to communicate between bros like Jimmy and Justin, and there’s one man in Hollywood that wants to get in on their love: Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell wishes he could get then Timberlake-Fallon bromance into a threesome, and to be honest I kind of which that dream would become a reality because it might inject some humor back into Willy’s life, and maybe we’d get some

In the latest Fallon-Timberlake sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Will Ferrell makes an appearance to show how envious is is of the Jimmy-Justin-Man-Love. Willy was there trying to get in on their sweet bromance, but he took a moment to realize that the love shared by Jimmy and Justin isn’t something he can disrupt, he needs to find his own bromantical relationship. Thus I’ve laid out a list of men I think Will Ferrell would enjoy a long and fruitful bromance with:

George W. Bush: Just think of the opportunities here, they’d be perfect for each other.

Vladimir Putin: I’m not trying to go with all current and former world leaders, but I think these two would really hit it off. He owns a submarine, and I think that’s something Willy would really be into.

Les Moonves: Lesley is the CEO of CBS, and I think it’s time we saw William Z. Ferrell on our TV sets every night. Les could make this happen.

Leonardo DiCaprio: How f*cking awesome would it be if Willy was a member of the Pussy Posse?

I’m sure I’m missing a sh*tton of names that should be on that list, so hit me up down below in the comments with who you think would make the best fit for a bromance with Will Ferrell!