Louis C.K. Told The Story Of How He Tried To Sabotage Jimmy Fallon’s Career Out Of Spite

Louis C.K. is one of the funniest, most talented and hard-working people in the history of comedy. Nobody can praise Louis C.K.’s comedic prowess enough, because he’s the physical embodiment of humor. That said, he’s also a struggly looking individual when it comes to physicality. Repeatedly throughout his career he’s made jokes about how he is not a good-looking man, so everything said in this post about him being ugly isn’t some ‘grand revelation’, it’s just me regurgitating facts from Louie’s mouth.

Last night Louis C.K. appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and brought the funny as usual, only instead of making it all about shits and giggles Louie dropped a bombshell on Jimmy Fallon three minutes into the interview. He was telling a story about how when he was working on the ‘Dana Carvey Show’ as the Head Writer and Jimmy Fallon auditioned to be on it. But after seeing Jimmy Fallon’s good looks and talent Louis CK put his foot down and completely tanked any chances of Jimmy ever getting on the show. According to Louis CK’s account of the audition, all the women on the show were going nuts over Jimmy’s looks, talent, and how he was obviously a rising star, and as an overweight and balding ginger that didn’t really resonate well with Louie, and he totally shot down Jimmy’s chances all because Jimmy was a good looking bro.

What the hell, Louie? Everything ended up for the best: Jimmy Fallon went on to be one of the most successful comedians in the world, as did Louie, and the ‘Dana Carvey Show’ was almost immediately canceled. But you really threatened to quit your job if Jimmy got hired because it would make you upset with how ugly you were? That’s pretty fucked up. And I don’t really see how that’s forgivable. That just makes you a blatant asshole. Albeit a hilarious and blatant asshole.