MAGA Snowflakes Are Banning Netflix After Getting Cucked By The Name Of A Show Called ‘Dear White People’

The outrage machine is a ridiculous two-way street with no chill. Conservative snowflakes get outraged after getting cucked by something that goes against the agenda of their Cheeto-In-Chief. Liberal snowflakes get outraged after getting cucked by conservative outrage. It’s a vicious cycle. And yes, the cucking goes both ways.

Today conservatives are the ones being cucked by an announcement from Netflix about the show Dear White People. It was originally an MTV documentary (That we posted about! A lot!) that Netflix decided to turn into a series. Apparently MAGA-loving Pepe-the-frog lovers can’t handle the idea of a series calling out white people for racist shenanigans, so it’s causing people to dump their Netflix subscriptions.

Of course, the hypocrisy here is oh-so-rich:

And finally — Game, set, match. In the wonderful wisdom of my friend Kyle Koster, why does every thing need to be thing? 

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