Maisie Williams’ Foul-Mouthed Reaction To An Emmy Nomination Once Again Shows Why She’s So Awesome

by 3 years ago
maisie williams reaction emmy nomination

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We love us some Maisie Williams ’round these parts. Of course, we’re not alone there. Girl is cool as shit.

Not only is great playing Arya Stark on Game of Thrones she’s freaking awesome when she’s off the set as well. From crashing viewing parties to pranking fans at a RPG store, she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

Hell, even when she throws up a bikini selfie on Instagram she’s funny as shit about it.

So naturally when she found out that she had received an Emmy nomination her reaction was pure gold…

I don’t know what jaffacakes are, but it sounds like something excellent to celebrate with after such good news.

Now if only Game of Thrones fans could do something about Sophie Turner getting nominated then they could get their panties completely unbunched.

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