Relive Malin Akerman’s 10 Most Memorable Scenes And Fall In Love With Her Over And Over Again

Remember when Malin Akerman made out with Carla Gugino for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a couple of years ago? Yeah, that isn’t included in this video because it wasn’t on TV or in a movie. I just wanted to see if you remembered it, because I sure do.

What is included are 10 scenes that show why we’ve become such huge fans of the sexy blonde over the years.

From Children’s Hospital to The Heartbreak Kid to Wanderlust and more Akerman continues to be one of the few actresses who when we see she’s in a show or movie, well, we’ve just got to watch.

We’re especially fond of her on Children’s Hospital though, for obvious reasons…

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Oh yeah, that time she made out with Carla Gugino, let’s relive that again, shall we?