Man Perfectly Recreates One Of Homer Simpson’s Most Epic Eating Scenes

One of the greatest episodes in Simpson’s history is Lisa the Greek. Homer is forced by his wife to spend Sundays hanging out with his daughter. At first he hates it, thinking it will ruin his football watching experience, but comes to love it when he realizes she’s a gambling savant.

Lisa, in turn, comes to recognize that her father isn’t spending time with her out of love or compassion, but because he loves his winnings.

Ultimately, she forces him to choose.

But that’s not important. The episode begins with one of those defining scenes of Homer Simpson, where he’s got his football snacks spread out before him and manages to get chips and dip into his mouth at superhuman speed.

The folks at CinemaRaven managed to recreate it in real life, to amazing results. I really hope this becomes a reoccurring feature.

[Via Sploid]