Matthew McConaughey Divulges Celebrity Crushes, When He Lost His Virginity And Other Fascinating Revelations In Interview

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Matthew McConaughey is without a doubt a Bro King. He lives an extraordinary life, so when we can get some insight into the actor’s fascinating life it is a noteworthy event. The actor gave an interview to Playboy and he provided some extraordinary revelations about his life that are tremendous.

McConaughey stars in the upcoming movie Gold with Edgar Ramirez and Bryce Dallas Howard about a gold-mining caper in an Indonesian jungle. For the role of Kenny Wells, McConaughey traded in his six-pack for a pot belly. Here’s how the actor made his amazingly easy transformation into the average American.

I don’t believe the way I look as Kenny is eccentric in any way. I wouldn’t play to that. That’s real weight, not prosthetics. My fighting weight is about 185, which is where I am now. I loved the scrappiness and vitality I felt when I was down at 135, the weight I was for Dallas Buyers Club. I’d gotten back to about 165 on True Detective, but with Gold it was, “This guy is a desirer. He fulfills. He’s a yes.” That got me thinking about my dad. Oh, man, he loved to eat, drink and host. He was six-three or six-four and weighed about 260 at one point. This guy Kenny takes all of it in too. He’s Captain Fun, acting like every day is Saturday even if he’s at the bottom of the barrel. Before we started shooting, I had a few months to indulge. If there was anything I wanted to eat or drink, I said yes. If I second-guessed myself, I had to have twice as much. To this day, my kids’ favorite daddy was when I was playing Kenny, because instead of having pizza just on Friday night, it was Tuesday night, any night.

He added that his wife Camila Alves loved “Captain Fun,” and he said he “was saying yes to every desire—without losing my marriage.”

The actor said his “body felt great” and the he “would wake up on Monday morning and go, “Let’s have another beer and cheeseburger!” Ah the grueling life of a Hollywood actor.

What about the rom-coms?

“I remember reading another rom-com script, laughing and going, ‘Fuck, I can do this tomorrow.’ That’s a fastball and it’s here right now.”

Eventually, McConaughey got weary of doing rom-com after rom-com after rom-com.

“You like doing these movies. They pay good. Then it became, Well, what if instead of this fastball, I read something that scares me a little bit?”

He told Playboy that his parents were “wild” and “physical,” especially his mother, who to this day, parties an hour later than Matthew.

“My mom’s middle fingers broke four times because of popping my dad on the forehead until he finally had to go snap.”

His dad saved a bird’s life once with mouth-to-mouth. What did you do today?

“We had a pet cockatiel and came home one time and found it swirling around the bottom of the toilet, where it had fallen in. I remember Dad hitting his knees, tears coming down, and putting the bird’s head in his mouth and blowing his lungs up just enough. Damn if that bird didn’t flap back to life. He had that bird for another five years.”

Sex icon Matthew McConaughey informed Playboy that he learned about sex from a birds-and-bees talk his dad gave to him when he was 14-years-old.

He goes, “Hey, buddy, drop your pants. Let’s see what you got. Okay, now these right here? They’re what really make a baby. And this little guy is where the semen comes out. I’m sure the old shower head’s hit it a few times when you were playing with yourself and it felt great.” It was a man-to-man, son-to-dad talk. It was really cool and kind of took taboos off things.

McConaughey divulged that he lost his virginity when he was 15 or 16.

Matthew reveals his first celebrity crush was Lisa Bonet from the 1987 movie Angel Heart.

lisa bonnet

His other early celebrity crushes were Cher, Farrah Fawcett, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Matthew said that his “father did die making love to my mother, by the way. That captures a lot of who my mom is.” At least he died doing something that he loved.

After filming A Time to Kill he went to find his true self.

I headed off to Peru, floated by myself down the Amazon for 21 days. I found a remote monastery, made the 13.5-mile walk to get there and rang the bell at seven that night. The next day, I walked with one of the brothers for five hours, unloading the monkeys off my back—things I was feeling guilty about, sins of the mind and choices of roles I’d made. We ended up coming back to the chapel, and I was crying. He hadn’t said a word in all this time but then said, “Me too.” He told me, “If you’re doing what you love and telling stories of humanity, it’s not for you to judge yourself on whether this is a perfect Christian role. I’m supposed to be a monk, leading my life to see God in every natural, living thing. That’s not what you’re supposed to be doing.” I let out a big sigh of relief.

Matthew’s favorite show is the first season of True Detective.

McConaughey discussed the rumor of him nearly getting the lead in Titanic.

“It was one of those auditions where I left and thought I had it,” he told Playboy. “I really enjoyed it. Kate Winslet really enjoyed it. That was a huge opportunity. But Cameron liked Leonardo DiCaprio better.”

You can read the entire interview on Playboy.