Michael Bay’s Movie About Benghazi Looks Absolutely Fuggin’ Nuts In The Best Way

by 3 years ago

That up there is the newest, red band (it’s got the word ‘Fuck!’ in it) trailer for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi, Michael Bay’s movie about the attack on the American consulate in Libya that left four Americans dead.

It’s no secret I love Michael Bay. Pain and Gain, Transformers, The Rock, The Rock, The Rock, The Rock, The Rock, Bad Boys, his movie are outlandish spectacles that relish in their own absurd action.

That’s why his one attempt at historical fiction, Pearl Harbor, failed so miserably. No one needed the Michael Bay-ification of World War II.

But his second attempt just might be better. First off, he’s tackling something much, much smaller in scope (Pearl Harbor covered pretty much everything leading up to the attack save the Treaty of Versailles) and, secondly, he worked with the actual soldiers who were at Benghazi (a lot like Ridley Scott consulted with Delta Force soldiers in Black Hawk Down).

Morse so, though, I got to watch the first 25 minutes of the movie the other night, and it is FUCKING intense. I mean, like gripping shit. It’s Bay’ed up, yes, but he does a better job blending in the realism this time. So for as ridiculous as this trailer is (and my god it is, it seems like there’s no fucking way all this happened in the 13 hours the consulate and CIA annex were under attack), Lord is it flames on the big screen.

Give that trailer a watch and try and say you won’t see it. You will.

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