Previously Unseen Letters Reveal Michael Jackson Feared He’d Be Murdered Just Prior To His Death

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Newly unearthed letters have revealed that Michael Jackson was afraid for his life and feared he would be murdered just prior to his death.

German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, 34, a long-time friend of the King of Pop, says that he has in his possession 13 letters from Jackson in which Michael wrote things such as “They are trying to murder me” and “I am scared about my life.”

Jacobshagen recently revealed this never-before-known news in an interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak for the Australian TV show Sunday Night.

Reports The Daily Mail

Jacobshagen tells Barak how a tearful Jackson called him from a Las Vegas hideaway. The star was preparing for a tour at London’s O2 but begged his friend to fly from Germany to the US to be with him.

‘He was in emotional meltdown saying, ‘They are going to murder me,” Jacobshagen recalled. After he flew out and spent three days with the troubled star, Jackson handed Jacobshagen the notes. Jacobshagen said that the notes kept telling him ‘they’ were trying to murder Jackson.

The singer never clarified who ‘they’ were but some notes refer to concert promoters AEG, which was organising concerts in London that he was shortly due to perform.

One said: ‘AEG. Make so much pressure to me… I’m scared about my life.’

The Thriller singer was found dead just weeks later.

As for why, eight years after the singer’s death, Jacobshagen is just coming forward with news of these letters now?

He says he has gone public with the notes now to support Jackson’s daughter Paris, 19, who recently claimed her father was murdered. The interview will be broadcast next month in Australia, the US and other markets to coincide with the anniversary’s of the star’s death.

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