Mike Tyson Is So Horrible At ‘Lip Sync Battle’ That He’s Actually Amazing

Remember when Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet? Back when the mere sight of him sent people running for cover? This is not that Mike Tyson. This is a WAY BETTER Mike Tyson.

This week on Lip Sync Battle Tyson takes on Terry Crews and as you will see Iron Mike will be rocking it out to a little “Push It” by Salt N Pepa.

And by rocking it out I mean showing off very little of the footwork he used in the ring and being completely out of sync with pretty all of the lyrics. How Terry Crews will ever be able to match Tyson’s PURE INTENSITY will be something to see, because when Mike lip syncs, he lip syncs SO HARD he barely opens his eyes for the entire performance.

Yes, it’s going to be a truly magical evening.