So What If Miles Teller Is A Dick? He’s A Bro And We Like Him Even More Now…

by 4 years ago


Yesterday Esquire published a profile of actor Miles Teller, the 28-year-old star of Project X, Whiplash, the Divergent series, and Fantastic Four. It’s titled “Miles Teller Is Young, Talented, and Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass What You Think” and writer Anna Peele opens with the following lede: “You’re sitting across from Miles Teller at the Luminary restaurant in Atlanta and trying to figure out if he’s a dick.”

The second-person profile digs into an actor whose Hollywood stock is incredibly bearish right now. You should read it! There are all sorts of tidbits about Teller’s life right now: He gets DMs from Kobe Bryant about striving for greatness. He calls Joaquin Phoenix “Joaq.” He spent his days at NYU smoking ridiculous amounts of marijuana, like pretty much all of us in college. He digs jam bands and had a big fall out with his friends after a car accident coming home from a festival. He only made $8,000 for Whiplash. He’s pretty ripped from filming a big Todd Phillips comedy in Miami that — personally — I can’t fucking wait for.

But the biggest takeaway is how Teller gets framed as a dick by his profiler,  which includes some eyeroll comments from the actor’s mouth:

You’ve just told him, by way of making conversation, that according to legend the champagne coupe in your hand is shaped like Marie Antoinette’s left breast, and he tells you the highball glass is modeled after his cock. Then he tells the waitress the same thing.

So yeah, he is kind of a dick. But the thing is, you agree with him: His admittedly limited body of work so far, his oeuvre—a word you define and spell for him, so who’s the dick now?—is pretty great. His first role, in 2010’s Rabbit Hole, was as a tremulous teenager who runs over and kills the son of a couple played by Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. And his performance in last year’s Whiplash, the two-hander about the sexless S&M relationship between a music teacher and his student, won him a lot of attention and a couple tickets to the Oscars. Now he’s in the action game, with the Divergent series and this summer’s Fantastic Four. Of course, in between there was the stupid, easy, fun spate of movies in which Teller played characters who do things like tell the waitress that highball glasses are based on his dick: 21 & Over, Two Night Stand, Project X, That Awkward Moment. Not all of them were winners, but they allowed him to show his thing, his Tellerian essence, by talking faster and drinking more and seeming to give fewer shits and inhaling more of the oxygen in the room than anyone else.

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