The Internet DID NOT Take Kindly To Miley Cyrus Picking On Stephanie From ‘Full House’

Goddammit,Miley Cyrus and Stephanie Tanner from Full House are feuding now!? What has this world come to???

Remember the good ol’ days when Miley was the impossible-not-to-like Hannah Montana because she was hot in that Disney Channel kind of way, and Jodie Sweetin was dishing out sisterly advice trying to keep Michelle out of trouble? Where has the time gone, man?

Now we have Miley Instagramming pictures of Steph Tanner’s butt crack and the entire internet in a tizzy about it because YOU CAN’T MAKE FUN OF STEPHANIE FROM FULL HOUSE! Quit being such a B, Miley. Fo’ real. Smoke all the pot and do all the MDMA you want, but going after this face?

You crossed the line, Cyrus.