Mom Calls TV Talk Show To Rip Sons On Live TV For Being Dicks And Missing Thanksgiving

A couple years ago, while promoting one of my books, my mom attended a question and answer session. Every time my answer wasn’t quite to her liking, she’d let out this audible groan. It was kind of funny.

I can’t imagine my reaction if she called into a live TV show to call me out on my bullshit.

During a C-SPAN debate Tuesday centered on whether or not bipartisanship is good for governing the country, Dallas and Brad Woodhouse — brothers and “political operatives who work on opposite sides of the aisle” — received a call from “somebody down south” in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“You’re right I’m from down south!” the voice on the phone shot back.

One of the brothers immediately recognizes the voice and says “Oh, it’s mom.” That’s right, bro, shit is about to get real!”

Mom was nice about the two boys fighting, and them missing Thanksgiving like two little pricks, but she’s expecting them to show up for the holidays.

Maybe don’t tell mom about your next TV appearance fellas?

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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