The 33 Most Entertaining Celebrity Tweets This Week

best celebrity tweets

Joshua Malina, Twitter

Every week celebrities go on Twitter and speak their minds. Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re thought-provoking, and sometimes we don’t know what they’re talking about. This list is all of that and more.

Strap in. It could get bumpy. These are the most entertaining celebrity tweets this week.

No AC.

Because six awards shows per year for them isn’t enough.


Religious reference, move to the next one if you don’t get it.

Don’t underestimate Kanye’s narcissism.

Sounds about right.

After that you’re locked in for Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, what happened?

Welcome to the club, David.

True dat.

I think he’s joking, but not sure.

Nailed it.

They are very aerodynamic.

Let’s get a pool going and make this happen.

Sadly, it didn’t work this week with Tark the Shark.

Welcome to the party, Jamie.

Denzel, such a badass.

Definitely something worth shooting for.

Huh? I don’t get it.

Rowdy Roddy isn’t all there.

It is Valentine’s week after all.

He ain’t lying.

So I guess that’s a no.

Dr. Ruth just droppin’ knowledge all over the place.

Nailed it.

I don’t even want to know.

Definitely seeing it now.

People, amirite?

So it’s like a reality show then.

You and me both, brutha.

Get it?

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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