These Are The Most Popular Shows On Netflix In 91 Different Countries Plus The Top Five Overall

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Bet you can’t deduce which show is the number one Netflix show worldwide. Hint, hint. Luckily, you don’t have to because a recent study by has done all the deducing for you. In fact, they not only figured out the top five most popular Netflix shows in the world, they also went and figured out the most popular Netflix shows in 91 freaking different countries.

Using Google Trends data, their team ranked countries by their number of Netflix-related searches and cross-referenced their ranks with their most-searched show to determine the results.

Ready for the top five Netflix shows worldwide, according to their study? Okay, here you go…

1. Sherlock
2. Friends
3. Narcos
4. House of Cards
5. New Girl

That’s right, the Emmy Award-winning BBC show Sherlock is the most watched Netflix show in the world. Pretty interesting when you consider that 53% of the world’s Netflix subscribers are based in the United States.

Now for the most popular Netflix show in each of the 91 different countries. Here’s a map…

Ummm, I see Arrow in Russia and…well, kind of hard to read the rest, isn’t it?

Oh wait, hang on, here’s an actual list that we can read. The United States’ favorite show is Shameless, the United Kingdom’s is Call the Midwife, Mexico’s is Las Aparicio, Canada’s is Bates Motel, while the Aussies love them some Jane the Virgin.

Check out the rest of the list below…


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