Here’s Every 2015 Movie Trailer Mashed Into One Mega-Trailer And There’s No Way You Could Name Every Film

by 3 years ago

Many of the movies in this 2015 movie trailer mash-up stunk up the theaters. Hell, I didn’t even recognize half of the trailers and had to Google “movie with Pete from The League” and “what the hell was the movie with the giant squid going down a bathtub drain?” Of course, I don’t like going to the movies and sold my television for spare parts to make money for rocket ship to Pluto after Trump gets elected so I’m slightly out of the loop as far as “pop culture” and “stuff people like.”

I will admit though that if all of the 2015 movie trailers became one movie, I’d suspended rocket ship building for the day and go see the film. No matter how insane the title.

Here’s a list of every film, in order, for when you get stumped.

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