‘Murphy Brown’ Clip From 1995 Predicted Our Current Political Fart Fest All The Way Down To Immigration Issues

Back in 1995, the political climate in America was just as polarized as it is today, no matter what the Baby Boomers tell you. President William Clinton had just signed his extremely controversial Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act bill into effect, as well as a (then) controversial bill outlawing Violence Against Women. Democrats and Republicans were at each other’s throats over economic stagnation.

Boomers love to romanticize the past and ignore the fact that politicians have always been raging dickheads. So, if you know a Boomer who needs an attitude adjustment on how shitty yesteryear was AND how nothing has changed in two decades then I suggest you show them this clip. It features actor Wallace Shawn playing Republican Stuart Best on Murphy Brown, one of the most popular TV shows from the late 80’s to the late 90’s.

In this clip, the character Stuart Best is essentially our modern-day Donald Trump. Who finds a way to take what his colleagues are saying at the podium and crank up the level of insanity. What’s most surprising, though, is how the hot-button topics in this Murphy Brown clip from 1995 are the exact same things we’re arguing about today: kicking out illegal (and legal Green Card holding) immigrants.

Nothing changes. Ever. We’re all assholes.
[h/t HitFix at UPROXX]