5 Must-See Electric Zoo Debuts


If you’ve been a part of the EZOO family for the past couple years and are looking to spice up who you go see this year here are 5 debuts being made this year on Randall’s Island to make sure you’re enjoying only the freshest jams.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you want to get down to the loudest, weirdest, rowdiest music made by two of the most talented people on the planet, there is no way you can miss Skrillex & Diplo teaming up on Main Stage West this Sunday as Jack U.  After blowing away Ultra Music Festival for what many considered the best set of the weekend and bringing all of that energy to NYC, this a duo you literally can NOT miss.

Oliver Heldens
Changing this up from Grammy-winning dance music superstars to a recent high school graduate, Oliver Heldens is exactly where you need to be when you’re looking for a fresh way to take things one deeper.  Infusing the generally more chilled out and darker vibes of “deep house” with dancable electro energy, his song Gecko absolutely took over the world and caught the interest of Tiesto enough to be signed to his legendary Musical Freedom label.  His latest song Koala is more of the same and certainly makes it seem that this won’t be Oliver Heldens last EZOO.

What So Not
The combination of Flume and Emoh Instead have combined to be one of the most formidable production duos in dance music right now and they’re bringing their talents to the Beatport Riverside Stage at EZOO this year for one monster affair.  Their track with RL Grime called “Tell Me” has been taking over nearly every festival this past year and we know that there’s certainly more where that came from.  Maybe we’ll even get a premiere of some new material this Labor Day weekend!

After seeing GRiZ shut down the Circus Tent at The Hudson Project, it’s safe for me to say that anyone who considers themselves a fan of fun should be at his set.  The entire place collectively lost its’ marbles when he dropped Shout by The Isley Brothers and his sax-infused jams are the perfect way to change things up from the club oriented sounds of EZOO in favor of something entirely more funky.

For those that love to dance but are tired of all the sounds being used currently look no further than the man TJR.  Jumping on what is called the Melbourne Bounce style that came to prominence in the (you guessed it) Melbourne, Australia area, the fun and bouncy production style is the perfect soundtrack to get your shuffle on and bust out your best LMFAO routine.


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