I Can’t Stop Laughing At Nathan Fielder Making Seth Rogen REALLY Uncomfortable

by 3 years ago

Seth Rogen is usually a pretty jolly guy, but I love Hollywood’s favorite stoner Bro being a dick to Nathan Fielder during a press junket for The Night Before. I get that they’re all in on the joke, but Fielder’s brand of uncomfortable comedy makes this interview great. Rogen looks about two seconds away from decking Fielder in the face with his off-topic questions about Inception and how much everyone got paid to make his Christmas flick.

I dig the idea of Seth Rogen becoming a huge dick and being a massive heel in Hollywood. But if you’ve ever heard his throaty “ha-ha!” laugh in person, you know he’s like the human being equivalent of the Grateful Dead bears. What a Bro.

Nathan Fielder is a comedic genius.

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