This Is Definitely The Most Necessary DNA Test Ever Given On ‘Maury’

Part of me wants to believe in this like a lonely child from a poor home wants to believe that Santa Claus will flop down his chimney and deliver toys on toys on toys come Christmas morning despite the fact that his mom is working 3 jobs, and the other part of me is like “Lol no.” I don’t know if this guy is in denial or suffers from the same colorblindness that Stephen Colbert has, but either way this can’t come as any surprise. I mean LOOK at those kids. One basically has an afro. Does anyone else in your family rock a natural fro? I don’t think so.

I was hoping there’d be a surprise twist where two cops show up on stage and arrest these people for stealing children and making up a fake story just to get on Maury, but nah. Just white trash as usual.

Maybe next time, Maury.