Netflix Just Made A Major Change That May Alter, And Hopefully Help, How You Choose What To Watch

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Netflix, as we all know, is always tweaking things and this week they are unveiling a pretty significant change that may alter, and hopefully help, how you choose what to watch.

So if you haven’t logged in to Netflix today, or have and noticed something a little “different” going on when you do, here’s what’s up.

If you’ve ever had a hard time figuring out what to watch or whether a show or movie is going to be to your liking Netflix will now try to make that easier with custom video previews of every title in their catalog.

Reports CNET

Every show in Netflix’s catalog will feature a video preview that’s been manually curated to intrigue viewers. Instead of showing a specific clip from the show or movie, the video is designed as a mini reveal to introduce the story and characters.

It’s not the first time Netflix’s TV interface has shown video previews. The streaming service has been using the top half of its user interface for trailers, hiding it when people start to browse through its catalog. Now it will retain the space for video previews.

For those worried about higher bandwidth consumption, beware that Netflix says the feature can’t be turned off. However, the preview system also uses the same adaptive streaming technology as Netflix’s usual videos, which increases the resolution of the video as it plays, so that could help.

In addition, the change means users will have fewer rows to browse through compared to the old design, but that could be helpful in deciding what to watch.

The rollout for this new feature begins today, Tuesday, on gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as well as Roku boxes and will take effect on Xbox 360, smart TVs and other devices over the next few weeks. As for if and when it will hit mobile devices, Netflix hasn’t decided yet.

Here’s a video which explains it all even further…

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