The New ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Trailer With Kevin Spacey Is INSANE



Ever since the first trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dropped a couple months ago, I’ve been mesmerized by the fact that Activision shelled out the cash to put Kevin Spacey in a video game. It’s perfectly apropos to have Spacey as a geopolitical warlord, too, given Spacey’s claim-to-fame these days is power-hungry politician in House of Cards. Let’s hear it for themes! A new trailer called “Power Changes Everything” has dropped and, in predictable C.o.D. fashion, it’s more bonkers than the trailer for any Expendables movie. That means its absolutely batshit.

I’m really hoping there’s a way to “unlock” playing with Kevin Spacey in multiplayer. Can you imagine how badass that would be?

Again, I’ll stick to what I heard someone else say when I saw the multi-player trailer: This is “Titanfall meets bits of Halo.” I still would like to see Call of Duty take a couple steps back and make a historic war FPS using their current graphics and physic engines rather than the far-out sci-fi stuff. Think World War II or Vietnam. But hey! New C.o.D!