The New Power Rangers Suits Have Banana Hammock Man Thongs, Boob Armor, And Heels

by 3 years ago

Never since Joel Schumacher’s Bat Nipples fiasco has a superhero costume been so thoroughly scrutinized and for good reason. Just look at the crotch sections of the new Power Rangers suits on full display in this exclusive photo from Entertainment Weekly. What in the holy banana hammock is going on? Like the suit is specifically designed to point to each Power Ranger’s peen.

The cock-n-balls call-out isn’t as prominent on the Black Ranger or the Red Ranger, but the Blue Ranger looks like he’s been juicin’.

Reddit commenters aren’t happy about the helmets, calling them “derpy”…

One commenter noted how the Black Ranger looks like the RoboCop reboot…

While another thought it was weird the suits had glowing belly buttons…

But most were perplexed by how the female Power Rangers suits have boob armor and heels / wedges!

And, of course, the biggest oversight – millions of dollars spent on the costumes and they’re standing on wooden blocks pulled from a dumpster…

The overall consensus is these suits are a mashup of Tony Stark’s Iron Man and Master Chief from Halo. Pretty spot-on.

The movie is scheduled for release in March 2017. Go Go Power Crotches!

Via Reddit

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