This Bro Just Set A New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ World Record, Beating The Game In Only 4min57sec

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. was released all the way back in 1985, over 30 years ago, but yesterday a 29-year-old bro set a new speedrun world record, beating the game in just 4:52:260. He was just TEN FRAMES way from completing a perfect run, and a monitor that he was wearing at the time of his world record showed that his heart was pumping at up to 170-beats-per-minute.

The guy who set the new record goes by the gamer tag ‘darbian’, and is a mod over on the site SpeedRun that keeps track of all the fastest Super Mario Bros. records. The previous record stood at 4min57sec693ms, and the new record was set at 4min57sec260ms, shaving just 433 milliseconds off of the previous world record (actually the previous world record was a tie between two gamers both holding the same speedrun record). He also set this new Super Mario Bros Speedrun World Record using an original Nintendo NES.

I spent hours upon hours of my childhood playing this game and anytime I got within a hundred pixels of a shell or fireball or anything, I’d fucking die. This dude just beasted his way through the entire game like it was nothing. Oh well, I bet I could whoop this dude’s ass in the original Tony Hawk: Pro Skater (nobody could touch my scores in that game).

(h/t Darbian/Reddit)