Two Judges On New Zealand’s Version Of The ‘X Factor’ Eviscerate A Contestant For How He Looks, Are Promptly Fired

The X Factor in New Zealand has recently fired judges Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon after the pair took a contestant to task for how he looked during his performance of one of Moon’s songs.

So what was wrong with this kid’s appearance? According to Kills and Moon the contestant came off looking like a cheap version of Moon and it was fucking insulting to them that he would dare dress, and try to look, like the X Factor judge. The pair called him “cheesy,” “disgusting,” “artistically atrocious,” and Moon even said “I feel like you’re going to stick someone’s skin to your face and kill everyone in the audience.”

Seriously. That was their gripe. And all the kid did was comb his hair and wear a fucking suit. *gasp* THAT MONSTER!

Aside from fuck this lady and fuck her smug husband, the absolute icing on the cake is when the host of the show joins the contestant on stage looking EXACTLY the same. Because, you know, a ton of people look and dress like that. But to brilliant fashion icons like Kills, Moon, and their spirit animal Kanye West, no one in history has ever done anything without stealing it from them first. No one.