Here’s The Incredible Toast Nick Offerman Gave At A Scotch Tasting Last Night

Last night in New York City, I attended a scotch tasting hosted for two delicious single malts whiskys that belong on every Bro’s drinking bucket list: Lagavulin and Oban. As unique and rugged in spirit as the Scotch Isles themselves, both whiskys are distilled for people who aren’t afraid of throwing on Carhartt overalls and getting their hands muddy. Lagavulin is a smoky, peaty 16-year single malt from the Scottish island of Islay and Oban is a smooth 14-year with every-so-slight citrus notes from Scottish west coast port town baring the same name. Look for Oban’s Little Bay single malt over the next few weeks: It’s fucking delicious.

Both Lagavulin and Oban are apparently Nick Offerman’s go-to whiskys of choice. The tasting itself was to kick off a hilarious viral video campaign staring Offerman called “My Tales of Whisky.” Filmed in Scotland, the videos are a quirky ode to the iconic actor/wood-worker’s beloved whiskys. You can watch the first video here and more later this week.

Offerman crashed the private tasting at the end, causing me to go full fan-girl since we were both rocking Carhartt and bushy facial hair like the burly men-of-the-woods we both are. Before concluding the night with a hearty glass of Lagavulin, he offered a toast to the group that I was able to capture it on video. Maybe I was just star-struck, but it’s maybe one of best toasts I’ve ever heard.

Memorize that limerick for your next bachelor party.

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