Nicki Minaj Spent The Weekend Helping A BUNCH Of Her Twitter Followers Pay For College

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nicki minaj twitter followers pay college

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Nicki Minaj is pretty awesome (even though we already told you as much).

Not only is she a very talented artist and usually wears very little clothing, she’s also a very generous human.

This past weekend, however, Minaj went above and beyond with her generosity in a way almost NEVER seen by a celebrity.

What started out as a discussion on Twitter about a lip-sync contest she was holding where the prize was a chance to hang out with her at the Billboard Music Awards ended up being so much more.

When a fan replied, “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” this was Minaj’s reply…

Ohhh snap.

And she was dead serious, as it turned out…

Heck, Nicki even agreed to pay for some folks’ equipment…

Then she said she would do it again in a month or two…

TMZ later followed up to see if Nicki had indeed followed through on her promises and yep, she sure did.

We checked in with some of the lucky beneficiaries who told us Nicki has already started to send the money. She asked for bank info through the DMs, and one person we spoke with said he already got $500 from Minaj.

Later TMZ posted an update…

TMZ has confirmed 2 more people have received funds from Nicki, with one payment being for $800. Everyone else waiting for theirs … sit tight.

Damn. I think I love this woman.

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