The New Nintendo Switch Has Had The Most Miserable Launch In Gaming History, Here’s Why

The Nintendo Switch launch has been a straight up catastrophe thus far. Everything that could possibly go wrong with Nintendo’s new handheld gaming device has, in fact, gone wrong. Software crashing. High-pitched noises appearing out of nowhere. Screens are being scratched. Games are crashing left and right. Design flaws locking misplaced parts into place. Bricked screens…This is all in the first few days.

We’re not looking at one major bug that’s been killing the Nintendo Switch. It appears as if there are so many bugs destroying the user experience that devs don’t even know where to begin.

Above, you can see this supercut of users experiencing Nintendo Switch failures and it’s been cobbled together to give you an idea of just how fucked up the launch of this handheld device has been. I haven’t heard of a single person out there who hasn’t had problems with the Nintendo Switch after purchasing. This very well might be the single greatest fucking up Nintendo‘s long and storied history in the video gaming industry.

If you were at all considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch for yourself then you should REALLY consider waiting until Nintendo is able to start sorting all of these bugs out. It would be a gross misuse of your hard earned cash to spend it on a Nintendo Switch right now with all of the evidence in front of you showing how miserable this launch has been.

(h/t r/videos)

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