Novel Depicting The Torture And Murder Of The Entire Kardashian Family To Be Turned Into A Movie

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novel killing kardashian family

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An upcoming novel called Killing Kardashian which depicts the torture and murder of the entire Kardashian family is getting a lot of attention from Hollywood. As in, people out there want to make a movie based on it.

Author John Jetsyn Tache says that the book is satire, but naturally some people have their panties in a bunch over his depiction of our national treasures, The Kardashians. Especially after Kim’s harrowing ordeal in Paris, which the author says happened six months after he came up with the plot for the book.

Some Hollywood execs, however, appear to have no problem with the book whatsoever. In fact, they like it. Go figure.

Reports The Daily Star

Already, several Hollywood movie studios are bidding for rights to turn the book into a film, despite it not having hit the shelves yet.

The novel opens with Kim hanging from chains in a desert bunker while her husband, Kanye West, is tied to a chair.

The murderer, who wears a Taylor Swift mask, cuts off Kanye’s fingers and toes with garden shears before firing a blow torch over the bloodied wounds.

Other grisly deaths include Kourtney Kardashian being gunned down by police, Khloe stabbed with a pen, and Caitlyn Jenner butchered with a meat cleaver.

Author Tache, 56, has been a script writer for more than 20 years and says he penned the book in revenge for the Kardashians “ruining” television.

“The Kardashians are killing the dramas, so they need to be killed.”

As for whether the author has any concerns about upsetting Kim after her ordeal in France, Tache says, “Do I feel bad for Kim that she has to relive the hostage scenario in the book? Of course not.”

So… uh, where can I, I mean someone, buy this thing should they want to do so? Oh, here. Cool.

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