The Internet Roasted Ole Miss For Sending Justin Bieber A Personalized Jersey

Social media is a tricky thing. An organization could think they’re doing a great campaign and have it go viral, but it goes viral in a super negative way that makes your group look silly. The Ole Miss football program learned the hard way after trying to appeal to Justin Bieber.

A couple of weeks ago, the Biebs proclaimed that he loves wearing sports jerseys and was willing to throw on any jersey that looks cool.

That opened the door for teams to shamelessly promote themselves via the double-edged sword that is Justin Bieber. You get the exposure to Bieber’s massive fanbase, but you also have Justin Bieber as a fan. Classic catch-22 paradox. The social media team at Ole Miss were so thirsty for that Bieber social media reach that they announced on Twitter that they were sending JB a jersey. The football program’s official Twitter posted that they think their “Nike jersey looks cool” and sent Justin a jersey.

Despite the kind gesture of sending a free jersey, the internet took the opportunity to roast Ole Miss for associating with the pop star.

Even the Florida Gators got involved in the smackdown.