Olivia Wilde Told The Funniest And Sweetest Chris Farley Story Of All Time

Olivia Wilde was ten years old and “quite chubby” when she met Chris Farley at an SNL post party. Wilde explained on The Late Late Show last night that she was a shy and portly little girl and drowning her feelings in some brownies when Farley walked over to make her feel just a little bit better about herself.

The great thing about Farley (based on everything I’ve ever read about the deceased comic) is that he didn’t need a massive audience to be funny. All he needed was one other person, in this case a shy little girl, and the guy would do his damnedest to make life just a little bit funnier. Or maybe he just realized she’s be smoking hot someday and was laying the early groundwork.

I’m fine with either reason.