Guess How Many Billion Dollars Worth Of Perfume Paris Hilton Has Sold? Yes, Billion

Get ready to want to commit harikari, because I am about to tell you how much money Paris Hilton has made selling perfume by doing absolutely nothing other than being born into the right family.

The question today is the same one that arose when she launched her first fragrance a decade ago: What qualifies her to peddle perfume in the first place?

Solid question, Women’s Wear Daily.

“I would say that the success speaks for itself. [My brand] is one of the number-one celebrity fragrances out there and I have 17, which is a lot more than, I don’t know, most people,” she said, adding it continues to grow. “Every single month we are getting more sales and more countries wanting to sell the fragrances.”

This why I believe all of our gods are dead.

Donald J. Loftus, president of Parlux, agrees. “Over the 10-year period we’ve done $2 billion in sales,” he said. “Yes, it’s a lot of fragrances, but the strategy is to make sure it stays fresh every six months so the consumer keeps coming back. The business is actually growing year after year because she’s always doing new things — the DJing, a hotel, her singing and her handbag line. The fans are fascinated by her as a result.”

Yep, dead. Zero doubt about it.