Star of CMT’s ‘Party Down South’ Funnels Entire Bottle of Jager, Somehow Still Alive

CMT’s Party Down South has been a ratings boon for the redneck-centric cable network, and after viewing this video of star, Ryan “Daddy” Richards funneling an entire bottle of Jager, you can see why!

I must admit that I was a big fan of the show’s first season, and watched every episode. I’m sick of reality shows that try to create stakes, or a mission, or some larger purpose for being on the show. Party Down South unashamedly says, “here’s a bunch of alcoholics with no filter living in a house together, watch them go nuts!” That’s just good television.

Can this video be real though? Daddy already seems pretty blacked out when he takes to the funnel. I’m no doctor, not officially at least, but by my calculations, consuming this much liquor so quickly would lead to certain death. I smell PR stunt.

Solution – I suggest that “Daddy” come into the BroBible offices and do this in front of the team. I will quickly leave the room for fear that he will become an angry and aggressive drunk, and leave the other writers to deal with him.

PS – Daddy’s co-star Mattie lookin’ good in that bikini. She can certainly get it*.

*it =  a romantic sunset dinner