Guy Who Is Definitely Not Paul Rudd Took Down A Violent Jerk At The Dallas Airport


Last week, a group of people tackled an unruly dude at a Dallas airport after he kicked a man and did plenty of homophobic shouting. It was one of those stories you chalk up to the abject awfulness of human beings, yet another example of people just being the worst.

But then today Wonkette comes out and blows all of our minds by suggesting one of the men who helped bring this human stain to the ground was none other than Paul Rudd, beloved professional television and motion picture actor and all-around cool guy.

Watch the video. I refuse to tell you what to look for because it’s 2014 and you should be familiar with Rudd’s face.

That guy certainly looks like Rudd. And it SEEMS like something he would do. Like, it’s more reasonable to think he’d be one of the airport heroes and not the guy yelling and fighting everyone.

Plus, he has definitely been to an airport before.

Look, I’m going to be real honest with you guys here. I want this to be Rudd. Mostly because no one in the video gives a second glance in his direction. Sure, it’s a weird situation, but when’s the last time you saw a person NOT pull out their cell phone in the general vicinity of a celebrity?

And God help me if this is some sort of viral stunt for an upcoming project. I do not need any help with my cynicism and such a reveal would send me over the edge.

UPDATE: The actor’s rep says Rudd was nowhere near the scene. Oh well. Great rumor while it lasted.



[H/T: Wonkette]