Paul Walker’s Daughter Is Getting A LOT Of Money From The Estate Of The Driver Who Caused Her Father’s Crash

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It’s been several years since the world lost Paul Walker to a horrific car accident, a tragedy that left his now 17-year-old daughter, Meadow Walker, without a father. Though the settlement between Paul Walker‘s daughter and the estate of the driver in the fatal accident was supposedly reached back in November of 2014 details are just now emerging.

The Wrap is reporting that Meadow Walker won a $10.1 MILLION settlement from the estate of Roger Rodas (the driver), and because she is still a minor (17-years-old) the money is to be held in a trust until she comes of age.

via TheWrap:

An individual familiar with the settlement told TheWrap that the estate paid out the $10.1 million for Rodas’ share of responsibility in the crash. As Meadow Walker, 17, is still a minor, the money will be kept in a trust that she does not control.
Walker’s attorney Jeff Milam told TheWrap in a statement that the settlement represents only “a fraction of what her father would have received as an international movie star” had he not died in the crash.
Walker is also suing Porsche, claiming that the Porsche Carrera GT that Walker was traveling in was licensed for use on the road and was capable of a top speed of 205 m.p.h., yet “lacked safety features that are found on well-designed racing cares or even Porsche’s least expensive road cars — features that could have prevented the accident or, at a minimum, allowed Paul Walker to survive the crash.”

No amount of money will bring back her father, who was widely regarded as being one of the nicest people in all of Hollywood. This $10.1 million settlement does however add to Meadow Walker’s already sizable fortune, as her father named her as the sole heiress to his $25 million estate.

The widow of Roger Rodas (executor of the Rodas estate) claimed that it was a faulty Porsche and not her late husband that was responsible for the crash. She brought a lawsuit against Porsche alleging ‘a failure in the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT’s suspension system and a lack of proper safety features.’ Earlier this month she lost her lawsuit against Porsche.

[Business Insider via The Wrap]

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