Guy From ‘The League’ Who Lied About 9/11 Is Getting Trolled On Twitter By SNL’s Pete Davidson


YouTube / FXX

Pete Davidson is the funniest young comedian on Saturday Night Live, he’s also pretty open about discussing the loss of his father who was a firefighter that died as a first responder during the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in lower Manhattan. This morning I brought you news of actor Stephen Rannazzisi (he plays Kevin on FXX’s The League) coming clean about a lie he’s been telling for years about having narrowly escaped with his life from the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, of how he was working in a tower in the South Tower when the first plane hit and how he got out of there minutes before the second plane hit, and how all of this was the catalyst that led to him moving to Los Angeles to become a successful actor.

Again, as we learned this morning HIS ENTIRE STORY WAS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Now that news of his despicable lies are making the rounds Stephen Rannazzisi is begging to get roasted on Twitter by A LOT of people, SNL’s Pete Davidson among them. And as I mentioned before Pete Davidson’s father died as a hero in the 9/11 attacks. So Pete decided to hit The League‘s Stephen Rannazzisi with a tweet, a tweet that Stephen Rannazzisi was COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS ABOUT and fired back with the dumbest possible thing he could say (and which he has since deleted but Gawker was able to screengrab before he deleted):

Pete Davidson’s first tweet:


Stephen Rannazzisi’s idiotic response (now deleted):



Pete Davidson fires back, pointing out how oblivious Stephen Rannazzisi is:


And from there Pete Davidson sends out a series of tweets telling the world to take it easy on Stephen Rannazzisi, presumably because he’s getting destroyed from every single person on social media right now:




Stephen Rennazzisi has been sending out apologies all morning on Twitter, so if you’re interested in reading those you can check out his Twitter HERE. And if you haven’t read the original lies that Stephen Rennazzisi’s been telling since 2009 about being in the Twin Towers during the 9/11 attacks CLICK HERE to read those despicable, awful, disgusting lies.