The Internet Is Losing It Over These Photos Of Beyonce’s Bootylicious Cousins Who Put Queen Bey’s Bum To Shame

by 2 years ago

Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

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Just like the title states, the Internet is losing its shit over Beyonce’s cousins. Specifically Kristin Douglas, the cousin in the blue dress in the photo above, has really lit a fire under everyone’s ass about…well, can you guess? It’s not hard. Her butt almost literally takes up 1/3rd of that photo, so it’s no surprise that people are freaking out over what appears to be a seriously good set of genes running through that family.

After posting a photo with her other cousin, Kelsi, as well as Beyonce, Kristin gained over 50,000 Instagram followers and sent Twitter into a storm:

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