Pizza Hut Just Roasted Kanye West For Being Hella Broke On Twitter

Whether or not Kanye West is actually $53 million dollars in is debt is debatable – his last tour back in 2013 brought in over $20,000,000 alone in ticket sales. Now I’m not saying the guy is flat-out lying, but come on. He starts firing off on Twitter with Wiz Khalifa the week before his album drops, keeps going on tweeting inane shit up until his album is released and then makes it a Tidal exclusive? The guy’s taken a page out of the Kardashian playbook, and it’s working; constant media attention = $$$ for Kanye.

I mean shit, he even changed the name for his album four times just so the media HAD to keep updating their news stories. Kanye has an ego the size of a house and is maybe even more narcissistic than his wife, but is he stupid? No. Is he broke? Probably not. I mean look at him:

…okay maybe he’s not doing so hot after all. Luckily for him, he’s got Pizza Hut on his side with a potential job offer to start making back that $53 million he supposedly lost:

But Pizza Hut is a real professional place, the kind of company where their delivery drivers DEFINITELY didn’t sell weed to the soccer moms of Howard County when I was in high school. And because Pizza Hut is all dignified and shit, that means that the C.V. they received from Kanye…

…yeah, that’s definitely not gonna fly. Would it kill you to write your resume in MS Word instead of MS Paint? Then again it really shouldn’t matter – none of the people who work at my local Pizza Hut can boast God as a reference, nor can any of them presumably spell “fashion” correctly. Kanye should fit riiiiight in, assuming he hits up The Hut while their offer is still fresh on the table.

[H/T Metro]