Pokémon Go Just Released A Game-Changing Update That Is Certain To Bring Back Players Who Gave Up Already

After about two weeks of hype on the Pokémon Go message boards (or so I’m told) a HUGE update to Niantic’s game has begun to hit Google Play and Apple’s App Store today, changing the game in a way that is almost certain to bring back players who previously gave up on the game.

So what’s this update all about? Well, one of the biggest complaints about Pokémon Go is the tiered levels and how impossible it is to ‘level up’ once you reach level 20 and beyond. To combat this the makers of Pokémon Go (Niantic) have included an all-new ‘buddy system’ which allows you to go on Poké-Walks with a favorite Pokémon of your choosing. I’ve never watched any of the Pokémon anime TV series because I was just a few years too old to ever give a shit about it, but I’m told that this buddy system is similar to the TV series and how the character Dash would travel around with Pikachu (apologies if it wasn’t Dash, I’m really grasping at straws here to try and competently talk about this franchise). By almost every account this is an incredible update for Pokémon Go because this buddy system will allow users to power up/evolve their favorite critters much faster, thus speeding up the laborious level system of the game.

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This update isn’t without drawbacks, though. According to Nathan Birch at our sister site UPROXX.com, roughly 27% of Android devices are jailbroken/rooted and ~7.5% of iOS/Apple devices are jailbroken/rooted, and ALL of these jailbroken devices are now fucked. Niantic has removed any and all support for jailbroken/rooted devices in this latest update so a SHIT TON of people have lost their game progress.

UPROXX goes on to discuss how there are ways for jailbroken devices to get around this new Pokémon Go ban, so if you’re worried about losing your account just CLICK HERE to see what they have to say about that.